Habanero Pineaple Marmalade

Hot and Sweet, delicious marmalade with a touch of mint and orange.
Good as a sweeter for chicken or to enjoy in an exotic seafood plate. And as usual you can make your favorite peanut butter -diavolo toast.
Online at Etsy or in Williamsburg, on the shelf near to the hot sauce,
Thank you and enjoy:)


New place to buy it!!

The Brooklyn Kitchen also have it, thanks guys! check this place, enjoy good meat and if you like to cook, you can take some cooking classes too, awesome!


Two kind of sauce

The original recipe has chunks of habanero mixed with spices and olive oil. Is clear, has more flavor and we can distinguish the different ingredients. Because of his translucent oily consistency is best suitable for pastas and soup.
The blended has all the ingredients blended giving an stronger combination of flavors. Is heavier and better to use in tacos and heavy sauces like 'macaroni and cheese? Anne! great, I love to hear all the possible uses:)
have fun, eat well, laugh a lot


Diavolo Hot Sauce

HOT SAUCE full of flavor, rich on the mouth, and with
the delicious aroma of habanero pepper
no preservative,
no additives,
no colorants.
Mixed with pasta, soup, tacos, even with peanut butter, brings out the best of it. When it comes to taste... everyboby is on their own*

Perfect Christmas tree ornament and excellent spice gift!

Diavolo is the pocket-size hot sauces.

Where to buy it:
en venta en:

Marlow & Daughters, 95 Broadway, Williamsburg Brooklyn 11211 marlowanddaughters.com/
Urban Rustic, 236 North 12th Street Brooklyn, NY 11211 urbanrusticnyc.com/
Jesus Minimarket, Bedford and South 4th Street Brooklyn, NY 11211

Online at:
la pueden comprar tambien en internet

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